Cuckold Fantasies 10

Title: Cuckold Fantasies 10
Description: Expecting something special with our tenth volume? How about Interracial? Not enough? How about not one but two cumshots, two cream pies, and two cream pie eating scenes! Husband Hugo lies naked and waiting on the bed, his tiny dick locked in a Chastity device. Enter wife Aline, whip in hand, laughing at her pathetic husband. Right off the bat, she tells him of her plan to fuck his black boss. He loudly protests, but Aline silences him by planting her crotch on his face. She orders him to warm up her pussy while she facesits, reverse facesits, and smothers him. She files her nails as she grinds and bounces. She whips and laughs at his pathetic, locked up penis.
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