Cuckold Fantasies 11

Title: Cuckold Fantasies 11
Description: Here we bring you an answer to the eternal question: How much semen can one straight man swallow? Can you handle watching him eat four big gooey loads (One being his own)? Megan Monroe a Spoiled Bratty Princess blonde with a tight, young body, big tits, and hot wet pussy talks to you directly how she needs a big black cock for the day and how she is going to get her husband to go find one for her. Her husband Johnny waits for her naked, on all fours in his dark closet prison. She releases him and leads him by his leash to the bedroom where she explains his duty for the day. While making him eat her pussy, sitting on his face, and tormenting his tiny penis, she tells him how he must go out and get her a black guy with a big, black cock to fuck her the way she deserves to be fucked.
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