Forced Bi Cuckolds 14

Title: Forced Bi Cuckolds 14
Description: Stop for a moment and think about that beautiful woman you married. How the fuck did a guy like you land such a wonderful woman? That`s easy: you`d do anything for her. She`s in charge of your wardrobe, your diet; hell, she runs your complete life! And you submit willingly, like the good little sissy you are, with a smile in your eyes and cock in your mouth. Wait. What? Oh, yeah. From time to time she`s going to need you to suck her boyfriend`s cock. You know, shot shits and giggles at your expense! How could you possibly say No! to a woman like your wife? That`s the beauty of it; you don`t ever have to!
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%u9EC4%u654F - 168 days ago ago : 1
rio - 2170 days ago ago : funk!
WTFthiswebsitesucks! - 2275 days ago ago : First off, this is not a Femdom website anymore, as no dominant Women would ever be depicted on a Femdom website sucking dick!! WTF happened to this once great website? And where is my profile that I once had on here? I hate wimpyass maledom crap!! Wh
hanscuff - 2368 days ago ago : These are lame if they don't show cum

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