Schwarze Flamme Silverline 22: Schmerz Nach Noten

Title: Schwarze Flamme Silverline 22: Schmerz Nach Noten
Description: Lady Domenika is a music teach in this S&M film with some unusal teaching methods. She teaches her ill-bred pupils not only the right flute tones, but also, how to obediently take pain for the lovely Mrs. Lehrerin's desire. The lovely blonde, Lola, is especially given a little flute treatment. Emily and Chrissi show hardly any talent when it comes to playing the piano; however- after a little motivation with a ruler and some clips - they improve greatly. When all three dare to rebel, the madame seizes the opportunity to use a long-proven teaching material: take their undergarments off, bend them over, and go for their asses until they succomb willingly to the whip.
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