Twice As Bad

Title: Twice As Bad
Description: Watch an exercise in sadism as Mistress Lia shows Her mean streak while Her young protg Mistress Monica delights in Her new found dominance. The Ladies enjoy spanking, tongue service and give slave Spartacus his monthly milking, extracting a huge load onto Mistress Lias breasts. They then take him from behind and, since he had his prostate drained, it seemed twice as bad then if he had been more horny.
Tags: Femdom
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maker - 936 days ago ago : yes
2754002806 - 945 days ago ago : 666666a
hjvfgg - 1087 days ago ago : %u9AA8%u7070%u76D2vh
Qw2333553 - 1911 days ago ago : 2333553
ME - 1990 days ago ago : SLOWLY
H. - 1995 days ago ago : Very nice clip - More of that stuff - please
%u950B%u950B - 2006 days ago ago : 1026
jgkdj - 2006 days ago ago : mbkjhroiedf,rjy
woshigou - 2006 days ago ago : good

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